Surrender and Find Balance,

We are…Heart of Yoga offering a high level of traditional yoga instruction, incorporating the many aspects of yoga so students can experience a wide range of benefits. A mindful approach allows students to cultivate deep awareness into mind and body. Our instructors live their yoga and hold certifications in many areas of yoga teachings. Experience a full yoga practice… asana, (poses), pranayama, (yogic breath), Raja Yoga, (yoga philosophy), Yoga Nidra, (deep relaxation), meditation and more in a warm, safe, inviting atmosphere, allowing for self growth and inner compassion. Heart of Yoga welcomes all levels of practitioners and encourages safe practice stemming from where you are.

Who We Are

Heart of Yoga is a group of Yoga Instructors trained in various traditional forms of yoga , including Himalayan Institute and Integral Yoga Center.  Some of our instructors have been teaching Yoga for over 20 years.


Heart of Yoga emerged in 2014 when an Integral Yoga instructor invited one of the yogis she helped train 20 years ago to open up a small space where they could share the benefits of a traditional yoga practice.  The studio has grown over the past eight years, with the addition of 2 more co-owners and some of the best and gifted instructors. Each treasured instructor has a unique set of skills ranging from
Master Reiki Teacher
Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Matt Yoga For Veterans
Barre Instructor
PhysiYoga Global Certification
Yoga for Scoliosis
Massage Therapist
Ayurvedic Specialist
Teacher Trainer
Heart of Yoga helps you attain a state of yoga on your terms. Your safety is our upmost concern. All practices conclude with deep relaxation and meditation and we continue to train so you can receive the best instruction in the area. We welcome you to our inviting space.